After (Chris) Marker (In Progress)

This project pays homage to my admiration of the French filmmaker Chris Marker (1921-2012). His seminal films- including La Jete and Sans Soleil– have influenced numerous artists over many decades.


Ce projet rend hommage à mon admiration pour le cinéaste français Chris Marker (1921-2012). Ses films phares, notamment La Jete et Sans Soleil, ont influencé de nombreux artistes au cours de nombreuses décennies.





After (Chris) Marker 1 Of Past and Future Wars copy

After Marker I/Sans Soleil (Of Past and Future Wars I)

Pigment Photograph on Paper/ 20 in. x  26 in.



After Chris Extreme Poles 1

After (Chris) Marker/Sans Soleil (The Two Extreme Poles of Survival)

Pigment Photograph on Paper/ Approx 28 in. x 16 in.

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